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Being produced for scientific purposes, cartography in scientific articles is diverse and not necessarily geographically precise. Therefore the data should not be used for applicative purposes, rather to assess the general characters of a given area. Similarly we can not guarantee the completeness of the database and the lack of errors or misinterpretations.

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Infor.Mare is a geographically-based database of existing cartography published in scientific articles or maps describing the geology/geophysics of the Italian Seas. The Infor.Mare aim is to recover and digitally store all the articles produced so far, classifying and geo-referencing a selection of maps contained therein.

Infor.Mare is conceived as a practical tool for civil protection purposes to secure, in case of emergency, a real-time access to:

  1. the state-of-the-art of the geological knowledge on a given marine area;
  2. an indication of the existing data and competences of groups that studied that area;
  3. a first characterization of the seafloor and marine subsurface.

Infor.Mare is a separate but coordinate initiative respect to MaGIC project. It started as long-term effort at University of Rome in the ‘90s but it was fully realized only with the resources of MaGIC project (2008-2012) and by the collaboration with MaGIC participating research groups (CNR-IGAG, CNR-ISMAR, CNR-IAMC, OGS, CoNISMa).

Infor.Mare is conditionally open to the general public. Because of copyright restriction, the visualization of maps or the download of articles is not allowed. However all the search function (area, scale, keyword, article author and type of map) are available, to allow the mining of scientific literature for research purposes.

Help us to improve Infor.Mare database! We are constantly increasing the number of articles dealing with Marine Geologics/Geophysics of the Italian seas. If you noticed a lack on our database and wish to submit an article or a map that is not in the database, please send email to us with the Bibliographics or Cartographics references (Authors, Article Title, Review, Published Date, Publisher, etc.). We will be glad also to receive either a .pdf file or a paper copy of the article. If you wish your name will be added to the list of occasional contributors.

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Project Leader - Prof. Francesco L. Chiocci

Infor.Mare Overseer - Ing. Francesca Argiolas, Ruggero M. Capperucci

WebGIS Overseer - Dott. Roberto Vallone

WebGIS development - EXALTECH S.r.l.

Data entry and maintainers:
M. Ingrassia, I. Foderà, F. Maisto, C. Di Pietri